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PC-патч для западной версии GTA IV до v.
[ · (32.6 MB) ] 11.01.2010, 09:39
Version - December 12

Fix bug for crash on legal screen for non-English fonts
Reduce audio memory allocations reserved for features that are disabled on low memory systems
Fix a bug that prevented Windows Vista from launching title update
Restore proper aspect ratio after watching a video in full screen in the Video Editor Gallery
Default Blur filter to "ON" for systems with less than 1.4 Gigs of System Memory
The screen no longer flickers during the transition from interior to exterior
After alt-tabbing the radar will no longer appear squished
Particles are no longer flickering for smoke from vents and chimneys
Corrupt textures and black dots fixed when using a Radeon HD 3850.
Video Editor
Fixed case where a clip may not precisely end at the time specified by the right extent that has been adjusted by the user.
Fixed issues with specific sounds still playing while clip playback was paused.
Fixed issue where a clip marker could no longer be selected or dragged.
Fixed cases where the camera would not switch properly from one type to the next while editing a clip.
Fixed issues with the world and world interiors not drawing correctly on clip playback.
Video Editor UI
Added support for using directional keys to navigate clips on the clip page.
Fixed issue where user text could become un-editable.
General fixes for cutting and pasting clips in the video editor.
Fixed issues where some keys would not be drawn correctly for languages other than English.
Fixed case where clip thumbnails would no longer draw correctly.
Fixed general stability issues with the video editor.
Can now map right click to any movement controls.
Game will no longer hang if you recover an account when trying to create a manual save.
Controls for bowling fixed when using mouse and keyboard with certain mice.
Fixed crash when skipping track on Independence FM, caused low frame rate after restart.
Fix a crash after running benchmark test as mission failed.
Fixed a potential crash after returning Benchmark Results.
Fixed bug where phone answered itself positively with no user input.
Optimized memory requirements for video renderer. Fixes long 720p and 1080p video renders.
Fixed issues where the game could potentially crash while rendering a video.
Game now supports Direct Input PC gamepads (ie.)
Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2
Logitech Rumble Pad
Logitech Dual Action
Saitek P2500
Include Multi-GPU support
Game setting no longer reverts to default when the game is exited while already minimized
Alt-Tabbing during cutscenes no longer causes water to rise through ground.
Fix bug where PC clock speed is modified after game startup causing everything to run in double time
Multiplayer fixes
Player’s character model no longer resets itself when exiting the game.
Instances of players getting stuck on the next game screen have been eliminated.
Fix for load game not returning correctly from Party Mode.
Custom lobby searches for Supercar races have been corrected.
LAN game custom lobby behavior corrected on exit.
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